Athill Muhammad

"“I am Private Investigator S. Stewart and I have worked with Attorney Athill Muhammad on several cases. He has proven to be a highly skilled attorney in Civil Rights, Discrimination and Criminal cases. He has great attention for detail, and in many cases, the recognition of the smallest detail can be the difference between defeat and victory. The fact that Mr. Muhammad uses an investigator on his cases is an indication that he is thorough and competent in his efforts to be totally prepared every time he steps in the courtroom.”   Mr. Shelby Stewart, Investigator and Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Houston, TX

"I've known Athill for more than 30 years and he has always been a man of integrity, strong convictions and solid character. There is no doubt in my mind that he will bring these characteristics to his law practice since this is who he is as a person."   Ms. Cherie Alleyne, Brooklyn, NY

“Attorney Athill Muhammad works on behalf of his clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He is a man of high integrity and ethics. In addition, he is extremely efficient. This is his calling, this is his passion. I've known Attorney Athill Muhammad all my life, he is my brother.”  -Commissioner Sedrick Muhammad (1B03), District of Columbia

“Mr. Muhammad was always very professional in dealing with me as well as the court system. He showed patience and perseverance in working my case and always kept me up to date on everything involved with my case. I believe he is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking legal assistance. "  
Mr. Tony Albert, Missouri City, TX 

“I can't begin to thank you enough for being there for me during a difficult time in my life.  I appreciated your genuine concern. You quickly sorted through my affairs and came up with a winning strategy.  You are a man of integrity and extremely professional, as well as, caring.  I felt confident with your representation and will seek your services again should a situation arise where by I need legal counsel. Thank you, thank you.”  
Ms. Charlene Emanuel, School Administrator, Austin, TX

 “I met Attorney Athill Muhammad in late 1996. I have always known him to be an extremely courteous and mild mannered person with a good since of humor. I have had the honor and privilege of being one of his clients on two different occasions. I can truly say that he is one of the most honest and accurate people that I have ever met when it comes to business affairs. He is very punctual and good with keeping appointments.”   Mr. Alfred Muhammad, Security Specialist, Houston, TX

Attorney and counselor at law