Athill Muhammad

Attorney and counselor at law

“My son had some legal issues and needed an attorney.   Although my son had his version of the truth of the events and several witnesses, other attorneys had very little faith in what they were all saying.  Then I heard that some Black lawyers were attending a conference at the Multi-Center in the Fifth Ward section of Houston, and I begrudgingly went.  Not knowing I was supposed to be there, Mr. Muhammad was one of the attorneys at this conference. To make a long story short, it has now been seven years since I met Mr. Muhammad, and I have not only found an excellent attorney, but a God-sent friend that cares about people and especially this Foreman Family.  God Bless Him.”   Ms. Paula Foreman, School Teacher, Houston, TX

“Thank you is not adequate for what you did for my son and my family: You gave spiritual guidance. You made yourself a friend and confidant.  I had no idea an attorney would treat my son's case like it were his son in trouble; that's some of what you did for us.”   Mr. Greg Griffin, Corrections Officer, Port Arthur, TX

 “Athill Muhammad was an excellent legal advisor in my case. I would highly recommend his legal service to anyone I know. He was very helpful and prompt in answering all my questions.” 
 Ms. Arthurine Westmoreland, Correctional Officer, Willis, TX

“Attorney Muhammad has been my legal counsel for more than 10 years. He has reviewed various contracts, Home Owner's Association materials, insurance policies, assisted with a workers’ compensation situation, dealt with an unscrupulous air conditioning repair company that charged 4x more than what the job was worth and what they quoted and most recently, attorney Muhammad is handling my interests in an automobile accident. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities.”
Morris Francis, Katy, TX

My name is James N. Hinga from the Republic of Kenya, now residing in Houston, Texas.  I have been a long time client of the most honorable, professional, and trustworthy attorney I ever have to trust with my legal needs, and his name is Mr. Athill Muhammad.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for integrity and professionalism in legal counseling and representation.  Mr.  James N. Hinga, Retired Machinist, Houston, TX.

“Athill Muhammad makes things happen that you couldn't imagine could be possible.  He's brilliant, a genius, and a master at his work.”   Mr. Stephen D. Muhammad, Salesman, Houston, TX

“Sometimes when you need representation, not knowing what to expect, there's a higher power that knows and gives you what you needed.  Years back I needed representation for my grandson, who made bad choices that caused imprisonment. I called Athill  Muhammad.  Sir represented my grandson legally, and with kind caring. Mr. Muhammad kept me and my family well informed.   As of this day June 18, 2014, we still communicate; I receive special calls on Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Birthdays.  Athill Muhammad is the only attorney the Le Blanc family will have for representation.”  
Ms. Corrlis Le Blanc, Receptionist, Houston, TX


Mr. Muhammad's determination and professionalism is second to none. He graciously defended me when I had a supposed DWI late one night. It turned out I was not legally drunk and the officer that pulled me over, and fabricated his entire story for reasons only him and God know. Based on video evidence, my blood sample and Mr. Muhammad's fierce determination and knowledge, my case was dismissed. Thank you, Mr. Muhammad.   Mr. Damon Smith, Analyst, Houston, TX.